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Zafu half moon Ikat blue

Zafu half moon Ikat blue

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The rich classic patterns of ikat fabric inspired the printing of our Horizon Ikat Half Zafu Retreat Meditation Cushion. A coveted commodity along Asia's Great Silk Road, the skill and time required to dye and weave ikat is so revered in some cultures that the fabric is believed to be imbued with magical powers. If you go to Lotsa Temple in Alchi, Ladakh, look for the ikat patterns painted on the ceilings. Hand-printed in blue by master artisans in India, this chattra beauty is accented with luminous orange, an important color in the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh religions, and adorned with a colorful pom pom like those seen on the camels of the great Thar desert in Rajasthan. Cover and lining are 100% cotton; adjustable spelled padding conforms to the shape of the body. So pretty you won't want to put your meditation cushion away.

Perfect for
-pelvic tilt and alignment of the spine for better circulation of prana
-the comfort of sitting meditation in lotus and virasana
-the raising of the lower back in setu sarvangasana
- the support of the feet in halasana
- support of the knees and comfort of the weighted belly in savasana
- Support in supta baddha konasana.
Pair with a chattra zabuton for leg and knee support and added comfort.

the making
Screen printing, one of the first textile techniques to create precise images on fabric, is a multi-step process that requires skill and patience. The fabric is stretched flat and then covered with a pattern blocking stencil. A handmade screen is placed over the fabric and stencil. Ink is applied, then a blade is moved across the screen, pushing the ink through to imprint the design onto the fabric. Often, as with chattra screen printing, two master printers move the blade over the fabric; the action is meditative and rhythmic. The fabric is then heated to adhere the ink to the fabric, then it is washed and pressed before being cut and sewn.

details and maintenance
- 1/2 zafu size: 35cm long x 20cm wide (at max. point) x 10cm high
-appprox. 2kg
- 100% cotton cover and lining
- access to filling for height adjustment
- zipper and carrying handle
-Outer cover: machine wash cold, line dry; dry clean for best results.
-Inner cover: dry clean
- Covers and tassels made in India.
-Spelled filling in Switzerland

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