Ethical spirit of Breath of Fire and the Yoga Boutique

Welcome to the Yoga Boutique, a haven of peace where the practice of yoga comes to life through each breath and each posture. I'm excited to introduce Breath of Fire, a sustainable yoga clothing brand that perfectly embodies Swiss ethics and quality.

The brand's ethos is ingrained in every fiber of Breath of Fire's fabrics. The founder, my friend Cornelia Kauhs, has always been guided by the principles of the Ahimsa Yoga Sutra, favoring non-violence and respect for all forms of life. Commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability is at the heart of everything the brand does.

breath of fire eco yoga fashion switzerland

Today, as the new owner of the Boutique du Yoga, I am keen to support Swiss brands and small projects that bring light and beauty to the country, such as Breath of Fire. This brand mainly uses organic cotton and bamboo fiber for its collections. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also provide exceptional comfort for yoga practice. Additionally, the “EverGreen” approach allows Breath of Fire to produce timeless clothing and reduce its ecological footprint by avoiding overproduction.

breath of fire eco yoga fashion valerie anex

As a Breath of Fire advisor at the Yoga Boutique, my goal is to support you in choosing outfits that will allow you to practice yoga with comfort, style and awareness. Each piece in our collection is the result of teamwork and an unwavering passion for a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

Together, let's continue to support Swiss brands that share our values ​​and our commitment to a future more respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. I can't wait to show you new collections and the surprises that await you.

- Nicole -