Breath of Fire: our story

our breath of family fire

If you want to understand the essence of our brand, it's all there. In our family, in what we share in values ​​and love.

Our vision

Our vision is to offer clothing and materials that offer an alternative to mass production and “fast fashion”. Our mission is to offer consciously designed clothing, with the aim of offering you clothing that enhances your body, that lets it breathe thanks to beautiful natural materials, that allows you to move and be in absolute comfort while being well dressed.

Our history

At Breath of Fire, we work in a mother-daughter generation.
Cornelia, our mother, learned to sew from our grandmother at a young age. Sewing has always been our grandmother's passion. She made the most beautiful embroidered and sewn dresses that I had the pleasure of seeing and wearing.
In 2004, Cornelia decided to create her own clothing line following her first training as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in the United States. As some of you may know, Yogi Bhajan asked his students to wear white clothing for energetic reasons. Cornelia quickly noticed that most of the white clothing was see-through and made from cheap textiles, far from organic or ethical! She then decided to create clothes made according to yogic philosophy. The production process must be environmentally friendly and the fabrics must be durable and stylish. This is how she courageously began the adventure to create our brand Breath of Fire, which when we started was simply called Yogafashion. As everything is a process, the first production was creative and innovative, but it did not meet our mother's standards of quality and ethics, which motivated her to search and discover a very good production in Portugal in 2009.
She quickly managed to create an elegant brand, inspired by architecture and design, where one element blends perfectly with another. All Breath of Fire yoga clothing was created as a whole, not as separate items. This approach offers a pure and simple view of fashion, from design to production to delivery.

Once the clothes were designed and produced, Maya (my sister) helped develop the visual language of the brand, one inspired by beauty and nature. Thanks to Maya's great talent, inspiring photographs have been created sharing with you the charm and elegance of our clothes and making you understand the deep connection between the Breath of Fire brand and nature, our desire to enhance our world through the beauty of the garment and the cleanliness of its manufacture.
In 2015, I (Pernelle) took on the mission of leading the brand and pursuing its vision. This work is accomplished in osmosis with my mother and my sister, as well as our two employees Alexia and Daniela, my partner Antoine and my mother-in-law,
Nicole. If our magnificent brand prospers and evolves, it is strongly linked to the strength of family and mutual aid.
This adventure, so beautiful for us, brings its share of challenges because none of us come from the clothing industry. This project is the fruit of our joint effort and was also born thanks to the help of many friends and traders who supported us throughout this long adventure. We are so grateful to be able to share these beautiful clothes with you.

If you have any questions about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.