Who am I?

Dear yogini and yogis friends,

I welcome your presence here. Yogashopping is much more than an online store, it is a physical store based in Lausanne and which specializes in ethical, sustainable, local commerce and specializing in yoga, meditation, body practices and well-being.

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Allow me to share with you a little about my journey and my vision as a yoga teacher and owner of the Boutique du Yoga.

Since 2009 , I have had the privilege of founding the Lotus Yoga Studio in Assens then Echallens , a place where breath and movement merge in a sacred dance. For me, yoga, meditation and rituals are not just practices, but essential pillars for cultivating joy, health and balance in our lives. Every moment spent in this studio is a blessing, an opportunity to grow, learn and share.

In 2022, I opened the Lotus Yoga Space in Préverenges , an expansion of our community and an invitation to an even deeper connection with our inner being. This was a significant step in my journey, providing an opportunity for a wider community to discover the benefits of yoga and meditation.

As a yoga teacher and trainer, I have had the privilege of guiding my students through various practices such as Yoga, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Aroma-Yoga-Hormonal, Yoga-Nidra and meditation . Every moment shared with my students is a source of joy and inspiration , and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity for mutual growth.

What I am particularly delighted about at the idea of ​​serving you at the yoga boutique is the opportunity to continue to promote values ​​that are close to my heart. Since opening Lotus Studio, I have always focused on the ethics behind yoga clothing, supporting brands like Breath of Fire and Mandala Yogawear . For me, it is essential that our choices reflect our deep values ​​of respect for nature and humanity.

Additionally, I am excited to introduce new ethical and local dimensions to our store, leveraging my experience in the fields of cosmetics and aromatherapy . I firmly believe that we can not only nourish our bodies and minds with quality products, but also support local communities and respect our environment.

I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve our yoga community, and I look forward to sharing this beautiful adventure with each of you.


Nicole Steffen

At the Yoga Boutique, every detail is carefully thought out to offer you an authentic and enriching experience. Whether you are a curious novice or an experienced yogi, I provide dedicated advice to support and inspire you on your path to personal development.

Advice, requests, doubts, making contact

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The Yoga Shop

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