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Breath of Fire

Yamala Pants atlantic

Yamala Pants atlantic

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Yamala pants
Specially designed for yoga, pilates and various outdoor activities. A feminine skirt offers an elegant and practical design. Unlike our other pants, Yamala pants have a more classic style while remaining absolutely comfortable. Its exceptional cut will lengthen your silhouette!

Yamala pants have been designed to offer our customers straight, comfortable, simple and elegant pants, which will be perfect both in city wear and in yoga outfits. These pants will accompany you in different yoga practices. They end with a special elastic that allows you to adjust their length so that they do not fall during inversions.

Comfortable city pants for the yoga studio!
92% soft and breathable organic cotton
8% elastane for longevity
High quality manufacturing
Jersey knitted in Portugal
Simple washing and maintenance
Design and elegance
Straight cut that continues upwards
Integrated skirt that covers the hips

To learn a little more about the name “Yamala”:

The word “Yamala” does not belong to any specific language, which contributes to its charm and enigmatic aura. Some suggest it has ancient roots and is linked to extinct ancient languages, while others believe it is modern in origin, created to express complex ideas concisely. Whatever its origin, “Yamala” has the particularity of adapting to various contexts and taking on multiple meanings.

A feeling of unity and connection:

One of the most common interpretations of “Yamala” is that of unity and connection. This word seems to evoke a deep feeling of harmony with others and with the world around us. It suggests that each individual is related to others in an indescribable way, transcending superficial differences such as language, culture or nationality. “Yamala” reminds us that, despite our diversities, we share a common humanity.

An invitation to serenity:

“Yamala” also has a connotation of calm and serenity. It evokes the idea of ​​finding inner peace and connecting with our deepest self. Pronouncing this word feels like a light breeze that calms the restless mind and encourages inner tranquility. It is an invitation to take a moment of respite from our hectic lives and to cultivate a state of relaxation and well-being.

A celebration of the beauty of the world:

As we explore the meaning of “Yamala,” we also discover a celebration of the beauty of the world around us. This word seems to evoke wonder at nature, art, music and all the enchanting aspects of our existence. It invites us to become aware of the richness of our environment and to let ourselves be inspired by its splendor. “Yamala” is an invitation to open our eyes and our hearts to the wonderful diversity of our planet.

Garment Information

Material: Organic cotton

Place of production: Portugal

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