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Southern Shore

Southern Shores Blue Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Southern Shores Blue Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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This Southern Shores yoga mat is made of FSC certified natural rubber (1.9 kg), recycled natural rubber (400g), recycled plastic bottles (3.5) and cotton (63g). It did not require any waste production and it is a CO2 neutral production.

With your purchase you support the protection of whales and dolphins worldwide. 1% of Southern Shores sales are donated to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. A global non-profit organization, Whale and Dolphin Conservation is entirely dedicated to the protection of these unique animals.

This mat is 100% free of toxic substances, guaranteed by Reach certification.
However, it may contain small amounts of latex. Allergy sufferers should therefore be careful and, if necessary, test the carpet carefully first.

100% non-slip mat
Dimensions: 4mm thick, 183cm x 61cm and approximately 2.4kg

Carpet Information

Thickness: 4mm

Dimensions: 180 x 60cm

Material: natural rubber

Place of production: Taiwan

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