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Soul bottle

Soul bottles Lotus flower 0.6l

Soul bottles Lotus flower 0.6l

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The cleanest water bottle in the world. 100% plastic free with a beautiful Flower of Life design. Italian glass and German closure. For every soulbottle sold, 1 euro will be donated to water cleaning projects. The Impressions on the bottle and the closure are in real gold. Handwash only.

This Flower of Life soulbottles gourd brings together some amazing facts.
- Produced without carbon
- 100% plastic free
- Without production of transport carbon
- 100% vegan
- Neutral in taste
- Waterproof
- Easy to carry
- Comfortable to drink
- Produced in Germany, Italy and Switzerland

Soulbottles water bottles are durable, easy, clean and attractive at the same time! Durable, Soulbottles are the only 100% plastic-free bottles suitable for everyday life made from high-quality, robust Italian glass. Easy, Soulbottles have a 29mm neck opening, which is the optimal size for drinking.
Clean, because they are free of plasticizers and toxic substances and the transport CO2 emissions resulting from their production are offset by society before the end of each year. Based on this initial calculation, we save 35 kg, Co² and 3 kg of plastic per soulbottles bottle sold.

Soulbottles realizes that not everyone is lucky enough to get clean tap water. That's why Soulbottles works with Viva con Aqua to improve access to safe drinking water around the world.

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Natalie Klay
Belle énergie

A transporter partout 😀