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Parfum d'éveil

Solar Awakening Perfume 30ML

Solar Awakening Perfume 30ML

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assertiveness – authenticity

The Solaire perfume supports the ability to see what is right for you and to take a step back from your rational thoughts. It promotes the release of physical and psychic tensions by activating its inner sun. Its purifying light brings optimism and allows you to better digest your emotions through the perception of constructive solutions. It harmonizes the solar chakra, center of identity and individuality.

ARO alcohol, Roman chamomile hydrosol, lemon basil essential oils, bourbon scented geranium, lemon petitgrain, ginger, etc.

the solar chakra

Seat of the personality, the solar chakra reflects the relationship with one's inner sun and the ability to recognize the functioning of one's ego. Physically, it is between the navel and the base of the sternum. It is associated with the sense of sight and is connected to the pancreatic gland, the digestive system, the entire ventral area and its associated organs as well as the skin and musculature.


Observe a few minutes of silence while paying attention to your breathing. Once well placed in his body, pulse one or two squirts of the perfume in his hands. Gently rub them against each other then inhale deeply, visualizing the yellow color enveloping her whole body. If desired, complete the dynamization with one or two pulses of perfume above the head or around you to create a mist of harmonization in the energy bodies. It is also possible to use it to energize the energies of a place. Always with presence and awareness, pulse a few spurts of the perfume in a room visualizing the yellow color filling the entire space.

Whatever the use, it is important to end the ritual with a thought of gratitude for the energy of the fragrance.

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