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Breath of Fire

Burgundy Sohang leggings

Burgundy Sohang leggings

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Feel good in your leggings!

Sohang leggings are suitable for yoga and sports practices where precision of posture is emphasized. Discover the revisited jodhpur style, with very long legs, integrated gaiters and a lined roll-up belt.

Wear these pants on your hips or rolled up to keep your lower back warm thanks to the smart waistband that folds down for a perfect fit, and when unfolded, covers your lower back and keeps them warm, especially when practicing on the floor.

The design of these leggings is complemented by gaiters that gently wrap your feet during meditation and prevent the pants from falling down your legs during inversions.

– 92% organic cotton, soft and breathable
– 8% elastane for long life
– High quality manufacturing
– Jersey knitted in Portugal
– Easy washing
– Design and elegance
– Hidden gaiters, ideal for meditation and inversions
– Suitable for all types of yoga

Garment Information

Material: Organic cotton

Place of production: Portugal

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