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Breath of Fire

Siri Shirt deep green

Siri Shirt deep green

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The Siri Shirt – elegance and comfort!

95% soft and breathable organic cotton
5% elastane for durability
Superior quality packaging
Knitted Jersey in Portugal
Easy to clean and maintain
Design and elegance
Slightly bat design
three quarter handle
ideal for any situation

Siri Shirt has been designed to offer a comfortable and elegant yoga shirt that you can perfectly wear in everyday life. This Shirt is one of our street wear designs, very elegant with a jeans and perfect for yoga sessions!
Siri Shirt is multipurpose sweater which has a bat cut, tight on the waist and loose on your chest and shoulders. This smart cut gives a supremely comfort in all your moving body. The length of the sleeves is 3/4. It is designed for all yoga practices as well as for everyday life

Garment Information

Material: Organic cotton

Place of production: Portugal

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