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Septarian Palm Stone (40mm - 70mm)

Septarian Palm Stone (40mm - 70mm)

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Natural Septarian Palm Stone. You get a Septarian Crystal Pebble very similar to the one in the image above, chosen at random. Please expect slight variations in color, transparency, size and shape as there are unique variations for each stone. Note that all crystals are natural, so sometimes small imperfections may appear.

Type: Septarian
Colors: Yellow, brown, stone gray
Mohs hardness: 3
Approximate measurements: 40mm - 70mm/1.5" - 2.7"
Approximate weight: 50g - 150g
Origin: Madagascar

Septaria, also known as Septarian stone, is a unique and intriguing stone characterized by its distinctive patterns of separations and fissures, often accompanied by minerals filling these spaces. This stone is formed from sediments accumulated millions of years ago, creating these unique patterns.

Septaria is often considered a stone of harmony and transformation. It is meant to help bring together the disparate elements of life to form a coherent whole. This stone can symbolize unity and wholeness, and it is used to promote understanding of different aspects of oneself.

Associated with the root chakra, septaria is linked to Earth and stability. It can help strengthen the connection to nature and bring a sense of grounding. By connecting with this stone, one can find balance between inner and outer energies.

Energetically, septaria is renowned for its ability to balance emotions and promote emotional understanding. It can help overcome emotional obstacles by releasing blockages and encouraging personal growth.

Septaria is also considered a stone of creativity. By freeing ideas and stimulating the imagination, it can be used to inspire new perspectives and find solutions to complex problems.

In meditation, septaria is often used to promote relaxation, mental clarity and concentration. Its calming presence can facilitate inner exploration and spiritual development.

In short, septaria is a stone that reflects unity, transformation and balance. By incorporating it into your spiritual practices or wearing it as a talisman, you can connect with its harmonious, exploratory energy for enriching personal and spiritual growth.

*All crystals are natural, we do not sell synthetic stones.
*Images shown represent the actual stones you will receive or very similar if stated. All stones are natural, so small imperfections and different colors may appear.
*Stones are always measured in millimeters (mm) and inches (").
*Dimensions indicate length x width x thickness.
* Select stones based on their size, not their weight! Weight is not a good indication of size because density varies greatly from stone to stone.Note
: 1ct = 0.2g / 1g = 5ct
*Explanation of clarity:
- Transparent: the stone allows the diffusion of light without interference.
- Translucent: light passes through the stone, but it is not transparent.
- Opaque: light does not pass through the stone.

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