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Parfum d'éveil

Sacred Awakening Perfume 30ML

Sacred Awakening Perfume 30ML

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creativity – intensity – objectivity

The Sacred fragrance supports the ability to cultivate the enjoyment of the present moment and to revel in the sensory experience. It calms the mind and promotes the discovery of one's inner self. It awakens joy, voluptuousness and sensuality without guilt. Enveloping and comforting, it invites you to inhabit your body and experience your feelings in such a way as to connect your authentic source. It harmonizes the sacral chakra, the center of sexual energy and creative force.

ARO alcohol, orange blossom hydrosol, essential oils of benzoin, cistus, ylang ylang, sandalwood, etc.

the sacral chakra

Seat of the emotions, the sacral chakra reflects the relationship with the inner child and the ability to take pleasure in life, to live in harmony with one's body and sexuality. It represents the relationship to food in the broad sense, whether physical, material or emotional. On a physical level, it is associated with the sense of taste and is connected to the sexual glands, the reproductive system as well as the limbs and organs of the pelvis.


Observe a few minutes of silence while paying attention to your breathing. Once well placed in his body, pulse one or two squirts of the perfume in his hands. Gently rub them against each other then inhale deeply, visualizing the orange color enveloping her whole body. If desired, complete the dynamization with one or two pulses of perfume above the head or around you to create a mist of harmonization in the energy bodies. It is also possible to use it to energize the energies of a place. Always with presence and awareness, pulse a few spurts of the perfume in a room, visualizing the color orange filling the entire space.

Whatever the use, it is important to end the ritual with a thought of gratitude for the energy of the fragrance.

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