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Parfum d'éveil

Men's Essence Awakening Perfume 30ML

Men's Essence Awakening Perfume 30ML

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alchemical power
Composed in frequency with masculine archetypes, L'Essence Homme perfume supports the ability to embody one's completeness and virility. Purifying for the aura, it promotes the liberation of collective conditioning and beliefs transmitted by one's line of men. It invites you to take your place and to assert yourself with gentleness and balance.

Perfumed ritual
Spray two sprays in her hands, rub them together and inhale while visualizing a golden light going through her whole body from head to toe. Pay attention to his posture and align himself in his body by straightening the spine as well as his head to connect the power of his inner axis. Fold his hands over his heart.

Woody and spicy, the fragrance L'Essence Homme is evocative of the sacred masculine. Its subtle energy is alchemized in the meeting of sandalwood, cedar wood, siam wood, gayac wood, larch, black pepper, ginger, coriander, clary sage and petitgrain. bergamot.

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