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Manduka GRP 4mm black

Manduka GRP 4mm black

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Lightness meets toughness in the new GRP® Lite yoga mat. Featuring the same traction and carbon-infused rubber core technology as our original GRP®, this travel version is guaranteed to stay dry and help you keep your grip on even the sweatiest yoga class.
180cm x 66cm; 4mm thick
ANTI-SLIP: The innovative, leather-like top layer provides unbeatable non-slip grip, no matter how much you sweat.
CHARCOAL CORE: Charcoal-infused natural rubber core absorbs sweat and eliminates odor.
OPEN AIRFLOW: 100% open airflow evaporates moisture on contact.

The core and bottom layer of the GRP are made of natural rubber from sustainably harvested trees. Manufactured in a sustainable factory to ensure no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere.

Carpet Information

Thickness: 4mm

Dimensions: 180 x 66cm

Material: Mix

Place of production: Spain

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