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Mâlâ in labradorite stone and quartz

Mâlâ in labradorite stone and quartz

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This traditional Indian mâlâ is composed of 108 beads of 6mm each. Within various cultures and traditions, the number 108 is a sacred number. It has multiple and diverse explanations depending on the country. For example, we can highlight, among many other elements, that each of the numbers present has a particular meaning:

1: God or Unity;
0: emptiness or fulfillment of spiritual practice;
8: infinity or eternity.

Or the 108 ordeals undergone by Buddha to reach enlightenment, the 108 positions of yoga, the 108 karmic links, the 108 lines of energy which converge in the direction of the Heart Chakra, the 108 breaths which would lead to meditative fulfillment and many more performances.

Labradorite is a powerful stone of protection and transformation. It functions as a shield that absorbs the negative energies and vampirizing intentions of others. It helps us to preserve a sacred space, to conserve our energy. It is a stone recommended for people who work in connection with others, care or advice professions because it avoids absorbing the difficulties of others. It is important to regularly clean a labradorite stone: salty distilled water, lots of sunlight or clusters of quartz. Clear quartz, on the other hand, allows you to recover your own light and be yourself. It is a gentle balm for the heart that reassures, relaxes, soothes strong emotions to better experience and accept them. Her maternal tenderness soothes sadness and heartache.

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