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Parfum d'éveil

Women's Essence Awakening Perfume - Ointment 50ml

Women's Essence Awakening Perfume - Ointment 50ml

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alchemical power
An ode to sensuality, this precious ointment promotes a harmonious relationship with your body and its rhythms. Its sweet medicine introduces you to the wisdom of the female cycle in order to exploit its regenerative power in a positive and creative way. It activates the life energy of the 2nd chakra throughout the kundalini and supports the ability to reveal one's sacred feminine.

Perfumed ritual
Apply a few drops to her lower abdomen and gently massage in, visualizing a silvery light enveloping her entire body. Bring your consciousness to the level of your small pelvis and perform a few rotational movements of the hips to diffuse your energy throughout your body.

Floral and oriental, L'Essence Femme ointment is evocative of the sacred feminine. Its subtle energy is alchemized in the encounter of rose, jasmine, ylang, sandalwood, tropical basil, black pepper, bitter orange petitgrain, mandarin petitgrain and bergamot petitgrain.

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