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Lemon Calcite Tower (190g - 210g)

Lemon Calcite Tower (190g - 210g)

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Natural lemon calcite crystal obelisk ethically sourced from Pakistan.
You get a yellow calcite tower very similar to the one in the image above, chosen at random. Please expect slight variations in size, shape, color and transparency as there are unique variations for each stone. Note that all crystals are natural, so sometimes small imperfections may appear.

Available in the following sizes/weights: 90mm - 120mm (190g - 210g)

Lemon calcite is associated with solar energy and vitality. It is said to help boost energy, clear the mind, and promote a sense of overall well-being.
It is said that lemon calcite can help build self-confidence and overcome feelings of insecurity and anxiety. It encourages a positive and optimistic mindset.

Energetic cleansing: Lemon calcite is considered an energetic cleansing stone. It can help dispel negative energies, purify the environment and remove energetic blockages.

Colors: Lemon yellow, sometimes veined with orange
Transparency: Translucent
Mohs hardness: 3
Polished: Polished on all sides
Shape: Obelisk
Available in the following sizes/weights: 90mm - 120mm (190g - 210g)
Origin: Pakistan

*All stones are natural, we do not sell synthetic stones.
*Please note that colors may appear slightly different depending on your monitor calibration. All stones are natural, so small imperfections may appear.
*Gemstones are always measured in millimeters (mm).
*Dimensions indicate length x width x thickness.
Explanation of clarity:
- Transparent: the stone allows the diffusion of light without interference.
- Translucent: light passes through the stone, but it is not transparent.
- Opaque: light does not pass through the stone.
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