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I AM A WOMAN - Creative, Sacred & Invincible. Yoga Manual: Essential Kriyas for Women

I AM A WOMAN - Creative, Sacred & Invincible. Yoga Manual: Essential Kriyas for Women

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As a woman, you are the key to the graceful transition into the Age of Aquarius, in which creativity, community, transparency, and dependence on the Infinite are honored and celebrated. The practice and disciplines of the Gracious Woman cultivate these qualities. Transform yourself – and change the world!

Each chapter includes vigorous Kriya, several meditations, and a mantra or sound current practice to connect you to your inner wisdom:

  • Awaken Your Inner Vitality: Essentials for daily practice
  • Sensitivity: Connect to your eternal power
  • Radiance: Walk in Beauty and Live by Grace
  • His Mind & Body: Using sound current to create clarity and caliber
  • Invincibility: Strengthen your life
  • The Woman As Her Own Psychologist l: Lighten the Self
  • The Woman As Her Own Psychologist ll: Cultivate the Self
  • Crisis Kit: What to do when there is nothing left to do
  • Sexuality & Creativity: Light the spark
  • Relations & Communication: Redefining sexual relationships
  • Becoming a Mother: 9 months, 40 days and every day
  • Transformations and Transitions: Breathe through everything
  • Healing and Relaxation: Become healthy, happy and sacred
  • Beauty Starts Within: Personal Discipline and the Gracious Woman

Created as a companion volume to Yogi Bhajan's book of lectures, "I Am a Woman: Creative, Sacred & Invincible", and the DVD series I Am a Woman: Practicing Kindness. These products work together to provide a study of Yogi Bhajan's core teachings for women. Focus on a particular discipline in your practice; organize weekend workshops for your students; or create an entire cycle for an in-depth experience of women's teachings over time.

204 pages, with many photos.
Format ca, 21.6 x 27.8 cm.
French language.

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