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Parfum d'éveil

Throat Awakening Perfume 30ML

Throat Awakening Perfume 30ML

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expression – communication

The Gorge fragrance strengthens the ability to say things and communicate. It invites you to detach yourself from past conditioning and to recognize your freedom to create your truth, to materialize the energy that arises in your sacredness through all forms of creativity. It brings the necessary space to express its individuality and to deploy its will to concretize it. It harmonizes the throat chakra, the center of expression and communication.

ARO alcohol, noble laurel hydrosol, coriander, cardamom, clary sage, galangal, etc.

the throat chakra

A bridge between the emotions and the spirit, the throat chakra reflects the ability to materialize and express one's creativity cultivated at the level of the sacred. It symbolizes space and the manifestation of the self. On a physical level, it is located at the base of the throat, in the hollow of the neck. It is associated with the sense of hearing. On a physical level, it is connected to the thyroid gland, to the whole area of ​​the neck, the mouth and the nape of the neck.

Observe a few minutes of silence while paying attention to your breathing. Once well placed in his body, pulse one or two squirts of the perfume in his hands. Gently rub them against each other then inhale deeply, visualizing the turquoise blue color enveloping her whole body. If desired, complete the dynamization with one or two pulses of perfume above the head or around you to create a mist of harmonization in the energy bodies. It is also possible to use it to energize the energies of a place. Always with presence and awareness, pulse a few spurts of the perfume in a room visualizing the turquoise blue color filling the entire space.

Whatever the use, it is important to end the ritual with a thought of gratitude for the energy of the fragrance.

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