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Parfum d'éveil

Well-being Essence - Calmessence Relaxing treatment 50ml

Well-being Essence - Calmessence Relaxing treatment 50ml

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Balancing and relaxing, Calmessence brings serenity and lightness. It promotes muscle and joint relaxation. It helps calm the mind and find its center. It breathes a gentle energy of renewal. An oil of well-being and relaxation, Calmessence is aimed at both adults and children.


Observe a few minutes of silence, paying attention to your breathing. Once firmly placed in your body, apply a few drops locally and massage gently. Place your hands on the massaged area. Inhale and exhale deeply, visualizing a golden light filling your entire body. End with a thought of gratitude.


Agrestous and herbaceous, Calmessence oil is evocative of calm and lightness. Its subtle energy is alchemized in the meeting of laurel, mountain juniper, black spruce, lemon eucalyptus, arolle and frankincense.

Ingredients: simmondsia chinensis seed oil (1st cold pressed jojoba)*, eucalyptus citriodora oil (lemon eucalyptus)*, juniperus communis wood oil (mountain juniper)**, picea mariana leaf oil (black spruce)**, boswellia carterii gum oil (incense)**, pinus cembra twig/leaf oil (arolle)**, laurus nobilis leaf oil (noble laurel)** and naturally present in essential oils: citronellol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, limonene, linalool.

*biological origin | **wild origin

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