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Parfum d'éveil

Coronal Awakening Perfume 30ML

Coronal Awakening Perfume 30ML

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The Coronal fragrance supports the ability to raise awareness and give meaning to one's existence beyond the material world. It invites us to connect with celestial energies by having faith that they guide us towards a certain form of knowledge and understanding of our Mission. It connects to the higher planes and allows access to a purity of thought beneficial to its realization. It accompanies spiritual research and promotes the release of conditioning to achieve full realization. It harmonizes the crown chakra, center of the universal Consciousness.

ARO alcohol, lavender hydrosol, common juniper essential oils, olibanum, cypress, cedar wood, etc.

the crown chakra

Seat of the soul, the crown chakra reflects the relationship with the divine and spirituality. It symbolizes the relationship to Heaven, to the Father. On the physical level, it is located at the top of the head, at the level of the fontanel. It is associated with Thought and is connected to the pineal gland, the nervous system, the brain, the hair as well as the entire upper part of the head. connection – unity – consciousness

Observe a few minutes of silence while paying attention to your breathing. Once well placed in his body, pulse one or two squirts of the perfume in his hands. Gently rub them against each other then inhale deeply, visualizing the violet color enveloping her whole body. If desired, complete the dynamization with one or two pulses of perfume above the head or around you to create a mist of harmonization in the energy bodies. It is also possible to use it to energize the energies of a place. Always with presence and awareness, pulse a few spurts of the perfume in a room visualizing the color purple filling the entire space.

Whatever the use, it is important to end the ritual with a thought of gratitude for the energy of the fragrance.

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