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Timeless pearl and citrine necklace

Timeless pearl and citrine necklace

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This necklace features colorful glass beads, brass beads, a citrine gemstone, and a small gold-plated brass charm.

Citrine shines like the sun. Its energy reminds us of a warm summer day when life is light and filled with joy. With this crystal on hand, you can fill every moment with happiness and sunshine.

The seashell symbolizes our inner self and our heart. It reminds us to focus on our personal journey. Wear this symbol to stay true to your inner self when you feel like giving up.

Gemstones are created by nature. Each gemstone is unique. This is why the color of your jewelry may be slightly different from that of the photo.

This new item may be priced higher than an older variant with the same name. This is because some raw materials have become more expensive. In order to continue to properly remunerate the manufacturers of your lucky tools, we have chosen to pass on the increase in the price of raw materials to the selling price. This way, lucky jobs will continue to exist.

Product number: BL26292
Color: Yellow, Gold
Product type: Necklaces
Precious stone: Citrine
Symbol: shell Shell
Meaning: Gratitude
Length: 52 - 55 cm
Material: Precious stone, gold plated, charm
Producer: Beads for Life

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