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Warrior bracelet with lapis lazuli

Warrior bracelet with lapis lazuli

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This bracelet is made of glass beads, brass beads and five faceted lapis lazuli gemstones. The bracelet is strung on wire and the sliding clasp is made of cotton thread, so it can be easily adjusted to suit you. The bracelet has a length of 16 to 22 centimeters.

Matte and powerful, lapis lazuli emits a beneficial energy, capable of soothing the nervousness and stress of its holder. It is therefore a fantastic ally for regaining balance and confidence, particularly for people prone to anxiety. Its relaxing power also makes it a very good painkiller. In addition to calming the mind and relieving physical ailments, lapis lazuli is an excellent natural tonic. Restoring vigor to the body and mind, it helps recharge the batteries, while increasing concentration.

It is also very appreciated for its beneficial influence in the relational domain. Encouraging its wearer to develop their autonomy and confidence, it helps to find their own voice and express themselves more authentically. Connected to the subtle planes of being, lapis lazuli supports you in reestablishing the link with your intuitive knowledge and your deep wisdom. This is also why self-confidence returns easily in the presence of lapis lazuli: with it, you have a clearer connection with the part of you that already knows what is good for you.

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