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Ovoid rounded cork block

Ovoid rounded cork block

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The Yoga Block Oval made of natural cork can be used as a classic yoga block in many yoga postures. Thanks to its rounded corners, the oval block adapts even better to the hand, while offering the same anti-slip properties and the same stability as an angular block. It provides lift and support like a traditional block, but its egg shape allows you to change the amount of support, especially when using it under the legs for seated postures. The ovoid blocks are fantastic for support for bent postures (put 3 or 4 blocks side by side for wider support), because they adapt to the shape of the back

Thus, the block can be positioned in the side angle stretched under the hand if it does not reach the ground. Thanks to its round shape, it can also be used as a support when leaning back, or to bring a little variety to the advanced practice of yoga.

Yoga blocks allow you to perform even difficult yoga poses without injury.

Dimensions: 30cm x 12cm x 7.5cm (about 550g)

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