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Elegance with respect

Breath of Fire is the start of our whole adventure, it's our house brand! Born in 2006 in the inventive mind of Lia, our mother, when she was training in Kundalini yoga, Breath of Fire was first called Yoga Fashion. Made in India, the models do not completely satisfy its creator, who wishes to infuse them with more elegance and quality, but also to create them with respect for the environment and work ethics.

After much research, Lia found a family business in Portugal which perfectly masters the production of organic fabrics and works in an ethical and very professional manner. As a family, we then began to develop our brand from Lia's apartment to our showroom in Vinet, via a depot in Sébeillon.

Development takes place in serenity and gentleness and allows us to realize a real dream: linking a common passion for fashion with a deep conviction that all production must respect nature and people. For more information:

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