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Why and how are blocks used in certain yoga practices?

Yoga blocks are props often used to provide support or extension in certain asanas. They can be particularly useful for beginners or for people with physical limitations, as they help make certain postures more accessible and comfortable.

Yoga blocks can be used in different ways:

  • To provide support in standing postures : for example, in Side Twist pose (Ardha Chandrasana), a block can be placed next to the hand to offer support and make the pose more accessible.

  • To extend reach in arm poses : for example, in Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), a block can be placed under the hands to allow one to lean on them and reach further into the pose.

  • To stabilize the body in balance poses : for example, in tree pose (Vrikshasana), a block can be placed in front of you and used as a fulcrum to help maintain balance.

Yoga blocks can be used in a variety of yoga practices, but they are particularly useful in practices that emphasize alignment and stability. For example in Hatha Yoga which focuses on asana practice and body alignment, blocks can be used to provide support and extension. yoga cork block

Blocks can also be useful in gentle and restorative yoga practices, which aim to strengthen and relax the body. In these practices, blocks can be used to provide support and comfort in relaxation poses , such as supine side twist pose (Supta Ardha Chandrasana) or supine cobra pose (Supta Bhujangasana).

It is important to note that the blocks can be used in a variety of yoga practices and it is recommended to follow the instructions of a qualified yoga teacher in order to use the blocks appropriately within your practice.

Most yoga blocks are made of cork because it is a strong, durable material that provides good grip and stability when practicing. Cork is also lightweight, making it easy to carry and use in different yoga poses.

Additionally, cork is a natural and eco-friendly material, making it attractive to many environmentally conscious practitioners. Cork is also resistant to moisture and can be easily cleaned.

For the ecological and sustainability reasons cited above, we only offer cork blocks at the Yoga boutique.

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