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Jala neti, to breathe fully!

THE neti is one of the six techniques bodily and respiratory – they are called Kriyas – applied in the practice of yoga and which allow the elimination of both mental and physical toxins.

THE netis concern the head, these are cleanings of the nose which ensure the clearing of the sinuses, allow the air to circulate more freely and, therefore, to practice the pranayama exercises more fluidly. They are of course beneficial for colds and sinusitis but also act on the ears, facial muscles, eye pressure problems, myopia, eye infections, etc.

To do this, we most often use the jala neti (or “neti pots”). You have certainly already seen these small containers which, once filled with warm, salty water, deeply purify the nose. The water passes through one nostril then comes out through the other: sea bathing effect guaranteed.

Use :

Prepare warm salted water (9g/litre). Pour it into your jala neti . Tilt your head to the right, over the sink, gently pour the water through the left nostril, keeping your mouth open. Let the water flow out of your nose. Breathe calmly through your mouth. Clean the other nostril in the same way. Then blow gently to remove the residual water.

jala neti lota

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