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Zafu half moon Vasuki - kapok

Zafu half moon Vasuki - kapok

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The print of the Mustard Vasuki Zafu half moon meditation cushion is named after the serpent companion of the Hindu Lord Shiva. Snake worship is a very ancient tradition in India, where snakes are considered creatures of strength and the shedding of their skin represents rebirth. Lord Shiva is often depicted wearing Vasuki around his neck, a reminder to devotees to look within themselves for strength and happiness. Hand-printed in a warm mustard color, this beauty chattra is accented with bright orange, an important color in the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh religions, and adorned with a colorful tassel like those seen on the camels of the great Thar desert in Rajasthan. The cover and lining are 100% cotton; the adjustable Kapok padding conforms to the shape of the body. So pretty you won't want to put your meditation cushion away.

details and maintenance

-1/2 zafu size: 35cm long x 20cm wide (at max. point) x 10cm high

-approx. 0.6kg

-100% cotton cover and lining

-access to filling for height adjustment

-zipper and carry handle

-Outer cover: machine wash cold, line dry; dry clean for best results.

-Inner cover: dry clean

-Covers and tassels made in India.

-Kapok filling

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