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Organic Buckwheat Husk Bolster Bolster - Blue Arabesque

Organic Buckwheat Husk Bolster Bolster - Blue Arabesque

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These organic yoga bolsters have been handcrafted in the European Union, filled with very high quality, clean and organic buckwheat husks.

Yoga studio bolsters provide stable support. The round yoga bolster is used to support the spine or the head when used in certain yoga and relaxation postures.

This bolster is filled with organic buckwheat husks that provide firm support that conforms to the shape of your body and won't deteriorate over time. 100% cotton, machine washable, with an inner and outer zippered cover; padded inner cover, also provided with a practical carrying handle.
Approximate size: 240mm x 620mm.
Approximate weight: 5 kg (weight of bolsters may vary).

can vary).

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