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Bolster round midnight stone

Bolster round midnight stone

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The Buddhist sacred stone Cintamani, aka the wishing jewel, inspired the print of the Midnight Stone neck pillow. Buddhists believe that focusing one's energy on an earthly object such as a stone allows one to connect to greater wisdom and higher knowledge, which expands the thought and enlightenment necessary for spiritual growth.

A Cintamani stone, made of saffronite, is believed to acquire its properties during a long journey from the cosmos to Earth. Hand-printed in deep navy blue by master artisans in India, this chattra beauty is finished in luminous orange, an important color in the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh religions, and adorned with a colorful pom pom like the ones seen on the camels of the Great Thar Desert in Rajasthan. 100% cotton cover and lining and spelled husk filling. So beautiful that your practice will be inspired by it.

Supports the neck during meditation and restorative yoga. Wonderful as a soft, comforting weight on your stomach, ankles or hands during savasana.

The making:
Block printing is a multi-step process that requires skill and patience. This textile technique is believed to originate in India and is traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

Details and maintenance:
-25cm in diameter 60cm long (approx)
-3kg approx.
- Cover and lining 100% cotton
- zipper
-Outer and inner covers machine wash cold, line dry
- covers and tassels made in India
-Swiss spelled husk filling
-Manual finishing

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