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Vasuki mustard oval bolster

Vasuki mustard oval bolster

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The print of the Mustard Vasuki Oval Yoga Bolster is named after the serpent companion of the Hindu Lord Shiva. Snake worship is a very old tradition in India, where snakes are considered creatures of strength and the shedding of their skin represents rebirth. Lord Shiva is often depicted wearing Vasuki around his neck, a reminder to devotees to seek strength and happiness within themselves. Hand-printed in a warm mustard color by master artisans in India, this chattra beauty is finished in luminous orange, an important color in the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh religions, and adorned with a colorful pom pom like the ones we seen on the camels of the great Thar desert in Rajasthan. 100% cotton cover and lining and spelled husk filling. So beautiful that your practice will be inspired by it.

the making
Block printing is a multi-step process that requires skill and patience. This textile technique is thought to have originated in India and is traditionally transmitted from one generation to another. Master carvers trace a pattern onto a block of wood, then tap the design into the wood to guide the chiselling of a raised pattern. The fabric is pre-washed and then pinned in place on a long printing table. A master inker mixes the colors and skilled printers block print the ink onto the fabric, slowly and meticulously repeating the process across the length of the fabric to create beautiful and unique textiles. The printed fabric is then heated to set and bind the ink, then washed and pressed before being cut and sewn. Imperfections, including ink density and block alignment, are characteristic of this ancient method of printing.

Perfect for:
– the support of the torso and the head when you sink into a restorative balasana, resting, releasing the hips and the spine.
– the support of the spine and the head, as well as the opening of the heart in the restorative position baddha konasana
– below the knees in savasana and baddha konasana to relieve the lower back and in butterfly to facilitate and relax the extension of the groin
– the raising of the hips in the inversion of viparita karani, to improve blood circulation, aid digestion and relieve tired or swollen feet and legs.
along the legs when bending in sustained paschimottanasana for organ massage, stretching the hamstrings and calves, lengthening the spine, and loosening the lower back.
– below the knee/calf in a sustained savasana twist to rotate the spine, massage the digestive organs and reduce back pain
- upper back or torso support for heart opening and chest expansion in savasana
under the hands and forearms while lying down in active and restorative bhujangasana, to stretch the chest and spine, tone the buttocks, relieve sciatica, open the heart and lungs.
– pelvic tilt and spinal alignment to improve circulation of prana in seated lotus and virasana.
– under the forehead in lying dog, balasana, eka pada rajakapotasana to free the neck and support the head.
– under the upper thigh or hip in eka pada rajakapotasana for stretching the glutes, groin and psoas, stimulating the organs, lifting and supporting deep folds.

Details and maintenance
-61cm in length x 30.05cm in width and 15cm in height
-2 kg (approx.)
- 100% cotton cover and lining
-Zipper closure and carry handle
- Outer cover: machine wash cold, line dry; dry clean for best results.
-Covers and pom poms made in India.
Swiss spelled husk filling

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