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Blue Apatite Sphere (25mm - 40mm)

Blue Apatite Sphere (25mm - 40mm)

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Spherical blue apatite stone ethically sourced in Madagascar.

You get a blue apatite ball very similar to the one in the image above, chosen at random. Please expect slight variations in color, transparency, size and shape as there are unique variations for each stone. Note that all crystals are natural, so sometimes small imperfections may appear.

Blue apatite, with its calming hue ranging from light blue to deep blue-green, is a stone valued for its spiritual and energetic properties. Associated with the throat chakra, it is often used to improve communication, encouraging clear and honest expression. Additionally, blue apatite is known to boost self-confidence, promote spiritual growth, and provide emotional calming. As a stone of creativity, it can also stimulate the imagination and release artistic blocks. Whether supporting decision-making, balancing energies, or encouraging intellectual development, blue apatite offers an array of potential benefits for those who choose to incorporate it into their spiritual and wellness practice.

Type: Apatite
Color: Blue with white veins
Transparency: Opaque
Mohs hardness: 5
Polished: Polished on all sides
Shape: Sphere
Approximate measurements: 25mm - 40mm
Approximate weight: 40g - 150g
Origin: Madagascar
We have more stones like this in stock. If you want to purchase another one, please contact us.

*All crystals are natural, we do not sell synthetic stones.
*Images shown represent the actual stones you will receive or very similar if stated. All stones are natural, so small imperfections and different colors may appear.
*Stones are always measured in millimeters (mm) and inches (").
*Dimensions indicate length x width x thickness.
* Select stones based on their size, not their weight! Weight is not a good indication of size because density varies greatly from stone to stone.Note
: 1ct = 0.2g / 1g = 5ct
*Explanation of clarity:
- Transparent: the stone allows the diffusion of light without interference.
- Translucent: light passes through the stone, but it is not transparent.
- Opaque: light does not pass through the stone.

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